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Sterigarde + Mist - Aerosol Disinfectant - 100ml

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Puriphy sterigarde+ mist, comprises various compounds known for their disinfectant properties diluted in ethanol providing all round protection and disinfection for interiors. This product is ideal for offices, hotels rooms, bedrooms, smoke rooms, bathrooms, change rooms etc. doors, cabinets, keyboards, cupboards, beds, etc.

Sterigarde+ mist effectively kills 99.99% of all known harmful microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, even eliminating chemical resistant microorganisms.

Sterigarde+ mist is also effective in eliminating dust mites and bed bugs and boasts residual action of up to 20 days when properly applied (applies to non-contact surfaces). In addition, our unique formulation also exfoliates malodour from your environment.

The process of odour elimination occurs almost instantaneously upon contact of our active ingredients with the odour causing molecules. Even the toughest odours are drastically minimised in mere minutes.

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