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100% Organic - Sterigarde surface sanitiser & Disinfectant - 500ml

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Inspired by a greener solution, A formulation that provides an elite antimicrobial agent with a benign toxicological profile It comprises an antimicrobial biocide of the guanidine family and various amine derivatives that are completely water soluble, odourless, non-flammable, stable and are 100% organic. It effectually destroys 99.9 + % of all known microorganism as well as bed bugs and dust mites.

Moreover, this unique formula remains hostile toward chemical resistant microorganisms. It is not harmful to the environment and as such does not require additional disposal costs. In addition. This boasts a unique residual action of up to 20 days; thus, ensuring your surfaces stay protected for longer. It is effective and safe for application on virtually any surface and will not stain fabric.

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