20th March 2020


Dear Valued Customers and Suppliers.


Following President Cyril Ramaphosa’s declaration regarding the outbreak of the Corona virus in South Africa, we wish to reach out and share the precautions we have put in place on our sites and at our offices around the country.

We have instructed our regional teams to adopt the measures below with immediate effect.


Cease all non-critical meetings.

Conduct meetings via Skype, WhatsApp or similar platforms.

Limit numbers of participating people where meetings are necessary or essential.

The same applies to internal workshops or training meetings.


We support the government’s travel ban to high risk countries.

Furthermore, SA citizens are advised to refrain from all forms of travel to or through the EU and the high-risk


Employees are advised that they will be required to remain in self quarantine for a period of two weeks

following travel to any high-risk areas.

Employees travelling to other or “medium risk” areas will be required to undergo screening, as stated in the

President’s address.

Any quarantine requirements as a result of international travel will be dealt with according to legislative requirements at the time.

In light of the severity of this global disaster, we urge employees to refrain from elective international travel until further notice.


Strongly discourage all non-critical local business travel (by air).

Conduct meetings via Skype, WhatsApp, or similar platforms.


This is an area of high risk as most of our employees (on site) make use of public transport.
Staff are advised to practice extreme hygiene caution when using public transport.

Employees working on remote sites should strongly consider postponing home visits in the short term, until further notice, to safeguard themselves from prolonged journeys using public transport.


With immediate effect, hand sanitizer to be placed in all reception areas, as well as on all floors, in the kitchen, at the photocopy machine and in other accessible, central areas.

Visitors to be restricted to reception areas and one designated boardroom.

Surfaces, door handles and other areas of possible contagion to be wiped down and sterilized after every meeting in these designated boardrooms.

Handshakes to be replaced with an elbow greeting.

Tissues and bins with lids to be placed in all designated meeting spaces.

All biometric access systems to be disabled at office entrances.


Sanitizer stations to be installed at the main gate to each site and site office.

Where possible, infrared handheld thermometers to be acquired and staff temperatures to be taken on entry to site (this includes sub-contractors). If an individual’s temperature exceeds 38 degrees C, the individual may not enter the site and will be dealt with in accordance with the “possible infected” protocol.

Signage to be applied to main notice boards, pause areas, toilets and where relevant, explaining responsible hygiene and good practice.

Biometrics on sites to be disabled until further notice.

Site management to ensure adequate facilities for staff to wash their hands.

Site meetings to be limited to important and critical meetings that will ensure that work on site can continue without delay.

All sub-contractors to be notified and receive the same briefing as Independent Liquor’s staff.

Sales Representatives and drivers of Independent Liquor’s vehicles to be responsible for wiping down and disinfecting seats and surfaces of the vehicles in their care on a daily basis.

Sales Representatives and drivers of Independent Liquor will be supplied with hand sanitizers and a Buff to place over the face when doing deliveries and collections at the store. Staff have been informed to use hand sanitizers before and after each delivery or store visit.


Staff with temperatures >38 degrees C to self-quarantine immediately; management to advise re contacting the Corona hotline, a medical practitioner or a testing facility.

Employees to remain in quarantine until test results are available and staff are deemed fit for work.

An employee who has been in contact with an infected person will be quarantined and evidence of this contact will be required. This absence will be regarded as special leave.

An infected employee will be quarantined.

We will do everything in our power to ensure that work on site can continue safely, to programme. Please highlight any concerns that you may have. To ensure our collective success, we ask for your support to ensure that we are able to meet critical deadlines.


Graham Muir

Managing Member